Throwback Track: Eric Prydz – Call On Me

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Throwback Track: Eric Prydz – Call On Me

Another song that was alive in the era of bloghaus and heavy electro love. Eric Prydz is known for some huge timeless dance classics under a bunch of aliases (see Pryda or Cirez D). Despite his catalogue of heavy hitters, there’s no doubt that his most popular and most classic track is the house banger Call On Me.

The tune known just as much for its sexy video clip as its elongated vocal hook that refuses to leave your head. The song itself is a relatively simple one but some would argue it paved the way for a style of house that became all too familiar and popular.

At almost 15 years old, this simple hard hitting house tune is one that begs to be listened to on repeat until you realise you’ve wasted more time than you ever should have being hypnotised.


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