Throwback Track: Armand Van Helden – NYC Beat

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Throwback Track: Armand Van Helden – NYC Beat

Uptown, downtown, turn the beat around town

This one goes out to New York’s premier Brooklyn club Output that has just announced it’ll no longer be ‘hip hopping, beat bopping’ after 5 solid years of trading. While this song probably wouldn’t have got play time there, it’s still a classic throwback tune.

If you were around in 2007, whether you were a high schooler frequenting the local shopping centre looking for fresh neon clothing or a young adult hitting the clubs in, well, more fresh neon clothing, you couldn’t escape this banger.

Armand Van Helden was the man at the helm of this beast, that perfectly exemplified some of the club releases of the time. With that ridiculously catchy vocal hook, crunchy electro beat and a surprisingly large range of percussion it was one of those tunes that was way more than just its repetitive vox.

Check it out below and relive those feels.


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