Throwback Track: Friendly Fires – Jump In The Pool

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Throwback Track: Friendly Fires – Jump In The Pool

Friendly Fires have been blurring the lines between indie rock and dance since they kicked off, and with some of their latest releases they’ve been pushing it even further.

With the current market of nu-disco and indie-dance popping off, Friendly Fires have recently been moving towards that disco-infused almost housey vibe, their latest track Heaven Let Me In a pretty fine example of that.

But we’re not here for their new track (despite the fact it is a banger), it’s Wednesday and that means it’s Stoney’s Throwback track, so we’re throwing back to what was probably their most popular tune. An indie dance number by the name of Jump In The Pool. 

The tune, now over 10 years old, was an iconic intro to indie dance for many. Check out the tune below and revel in the nostalgia!


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