6 Classic Sexy Dance Music Videos

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6 Classic Sexy Dance Music Videos

Even though it seems like sexy dance music videos are common fodder these days with a constant flow of flesh on show the concept was ingrained in the music mainstream many years ago.

In an effort to re-discover some of the steamiest, we’ve painstakingly logged the hours searching high and low for the sexiest of them all, whether it involves power tools, gleaming instruments or just beachside destinations we’ve penned six of the best.


1. Eric Prydz – Call On Me (2004)


The OG of sexy videos, we’ve all watched this… alone at night wondering if we had the cardio to bust it out alongside these toned and energetic ladies. Even if you didn’t like the song (how could you not?) there were exactly 251 reasons to keep your eyes peeled. Seems these days Eric Prydz has swapped out the leotards for lazers, lots of lazers!

2. Alex Gaudino – Destination Calabria (2008)


Ever wanted to learn to play the trombone? Yeah neither did we until our pubescent selves caught wind of Alex Gaudino’s ‘Destination Calabria’ video and we were ready to join the school band… to be severely disappointed. Turns out a majority of them aren’t wedgie picking, boob busting horn blowers. Damn.

3. Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (2002)


Just like ‘Destination Calabria’ we weren’t envisioning ourselves slaving away on the job site jackhammering and power sawing the shit out of things… that is until we copped an eye full of Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction” music video and everything changed. Still not following? Hit ‘play’ above.

4. Michael Gray – The Weekend (2004)


One of the more classy clips if you will from Michael Gray and the music video for “The Weekend”. In this one your typical co-workers moves from printing boring old tax details to voguing the shit out the makeshift office basically trashing the place along the way. Really, we all just couldn’t wait for the weekend to come.

5. Lifelike & Kris Menace – Discopolis (2005)


CURVEBALL! Yep, Lifelike & Kris Menace still managed to earn the ole ‘Content Warning’ from Youtube for their uber funky track “Discopolis”. In this one the user follows a scantily clad bikini lady as strolls a beachside resort doing nothing really. Does it matter? Probably not to some, or many.

6. Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (2006)


It’s not a sexy music video list without “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit” by Fedde Le Grande who’s real peak was this absolute gem back in 2006. Todays robots still look like robots but in this futuristic world they are the toned, good looking types which makes for a googly eyed 2:47. Why does it sound so good? Samples Matthew Dear & Disco D’s “Hands Up for Detroit” of course.

So that’s it for what could be the first instalment of the sexy music videos series. We may have missed a handful and could probably feature a few more male dominated ones so pop them below!


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