5 live electronic albums you need to get around

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5 live electronic albums you need to get around

When you’ve rinsed your albums that heavily across the years it’s the live edits that make your day, so you pour your time over your artist of choice’s timeless songs in concert form. What makes an album ready for live rinsing is the ability to capture what was going on in the crowd and how the artists genius of blending their well crafted songs together into a fresh sequence never heard before.

We cover a variety of artists to showcase what we see as some of the biggest live albums across the internet. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have. Dive in below and get stuck in a spiral of epic electronic live shows!

Justice: A Cross The Universe

You know a live album will be fantastic when the intro to it on Youtube is just screaming fans for an entire 39 seconds. A Justice live performance is quite likely to be in hot anticipation of DANCE and when their bringing their live album versions they bring out two different versions to spoil you and get a rightful spot on the top 5 best electronic live albums of all time.

Fun Fact: Gaspard and Xavier refashioned Simian’s Never Be Alone in a radio remix competition for a bit of fun, not knowing that their effort would be discovered by Busy P (Pedro Winter) who at the time was managing Daft Punk. They did not win the competition, however the remix was later released as We Are Your Friends and went on to become one of their biggest tracks yet. (Check more Justice facts here)

Daft Punk: Alive 2007

When one of the top posts on the Daft Punk subreddit is a post about how you are more likely to win the lottery than see a Daft Punk tour it’s apparent the live album is the saving grace with the barely salvageable camcorder recordings you can find scattered across Youtube, you’re lucky the Official Daft Punk Youtube page fills you in with the audio available for free streaming.

Fun fact: The stage design of the colossal pyramid was something never seen before when it came out in its full glory at Coachella in 2006, it quickly became one of the most impactful stage designs to date.


Bonobo: The Northern Borders Live

If Bonobo wasn’t already enough of a treat when played through your trusted headphones, live is a whole other experience. He packs a lot of punch with the live instruments that he incorporates into the show, along with his own bass guitar playing and other electronic equipment. Got to give the man full credit for how he composes such amazing music when you hear how many harmonies are created when a full orchestra gets into the thick of one of his songs.

We have a cheeky live video of what goes down in a Bonobo set from boiler room as well as the audio so you can get a vibe for both the audio and visual.

Fun fact: Bonobo doesn’t like his music being called downtempo or chilled, so if you think that with the live show, you shouldn’t be telling him when you’re asking for a signature after the gig!

Four Tet: Live at Funkhaus Berlin, 10th May 2018

We love a Four Tet sound, with the soothing atmosphere and progressively more complex tunes, the recording of his bigger songs put into a live album earlier this year, reveals how organic Four Tet’s music really is. His affliction for bringing in obscure samples into his tracks is something you would not want to miss him for. Combine that with his love for texture modulation and you have yourself a live album worth every frequency exuded.

Fun fact: Four Tet recorded an album called New Energy, which was announced as being done in this nifty small space which had the internet ablaze with their nifty spaces of where their albums were made. The live album that has been recorded and put online a couple of times, like at Funkhaus Berlin was another level!

Kraftwerk: Minimum-Maximum. 

Kraftwerk were turning heads in times when current heads probably weren’t even turning yet. The group being a quintet that are known for being some of the originators of electronic music we have a lot to thank them for. Their early use of vocoders and equipment like the Minimoog have these guys paving the way for producers today. The efficiency and contribution of their music is what gives them a rightful entry in the list – got to respect the originators.

Fun fact: They declined opening for David Bowie. Which means we missed a possible live recording of a David Bowie support act!

Special mentions go to Underworld and their live album for Barbara Barbara where they end with Born Slippy .NUXX that gets us every time. (Catch them at Electric Gardens in November!)

This is by no means a definitive list, but we’re struggling to think of much better. So have a think and tell us what you’d add!


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