Gaspard Augé of Justice releases his own album

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Gaspard Augé of Justice releases his own album

One half of the enigmatic French duo Justice has returned abruptly with a full-length album. Gaspard Augé aka the guy with the beard has titled his first solo project ‘Escapades’.

On first listen, you can definitely hear the influence of that Justice sound with the full-sounding synths taking centre stage in a lot of the songs. It’s filled with dreamscape ideas fit for a Quinten Tarantino movie. The song that stood out for me was ‘Hey!’ which has a Grand Theft Auto radio feel to it, particularly for an 80’s style car chase scene.

All the music is brimming with emotion and I guess that’s why Justice remains tagged as the main artist alongside himself across all digital streaming services. It’s like Gaspard has taken a half step away from Justice, for now, to dip his toes into something that represents how he feels… and we love it!

For those wanting more, watch Justice’s Space Opera.


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