Five Things You Didn’t Know About Justice

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Justice

After what seems like an eternity, Justice have finally released their third studio album ‘Woman‘.

The album – home to lead tracks we have already been gifted such as Safe And Sound, Alakazam! and Randy – dropped earlier today via their own imprint Genesis (an off-shoot label under Ed Banger) and as expected, it is amazing.

So with all our focus on Justice right now, we decided to compile a few random facts about the Parisian band that you may not know. Check out the list as well as their brand new album ‘Woman’ below.

1. Busy P signed Justice to Ed banger after hearing their remix in a local radio competition

Gaspard and Xavier refashioned Simian’sNever Be Alone‘ in a radio remix competition for a bit of fun, not knowing that their effort would be discovered by Busy P (Pedro Winter) who at the time was managing Daft Punk. They did not win the competition, however the remix was later released as ‘We Are Your Friends‘ and went on to become one of their biggest tracks yet.

2. They have started their own record label, Genesis.

According to Reddit user, Justice have kicked off a new label in preparation for their third studio album. Despite being a brand new imprint, Genesis is actually apart of Because Music and Ed Banger, which Justice have always released their music through.


3. A Rick Astley /Justice mash-up exists and is frighteningly awesome

Yeah, quite a surprise right? Someone made an elaborate ‘Rick Roll’ mash-up of Astely’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up‘ and Justice’s huge 2007 single D.A.N.C.E. The famous Astley vocals are pitched way up and layered on top of the Justice production to blend together and create an oddly satisfying rework. Listen below:

4. Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Prince performed D.A.N.C.E with Justice in 2008… Sort of

So, it wasn’t actually MJ, Stevie and Prince, but for Justice’s live performance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show eight years ago they enlisted some pretty convincing performers to play the roles. Check it out.

5. Finally, Justice do not age!

Seriously, these two guys never seem to change in appearance even after 12 -years in the limelight. Just look at this photo of them. This is a relatively new photo and everything (even the hair) is exactly the same after all this time. Amazing.


Listen to Justice’s Album ‘Woman‘ Now!


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