ACT duo to entertain NSW and QLD league fans in Victoria tonight

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ACT duo to entertain NSW and QLD league fans in Victoria tonight

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The rugby league world is set to be rocked tonight, with the State Of Origin pre-game entertainment going to none other than Peking Duk.

The Canberra born duo will be jetting down to Victoria to perform for 80,000+ NSW and QLD rugby league fans at the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground that… Wait.. What?

Regardless, B-Side editor Micky McClure spoke with Adam Hyde of Peking Duk in Melbourne today, who says they’re “pumped for tonight, yew”. “We love footy, and there’s no place to watch some rugby league among the die-hard NSW and QLD supporters like the MCG, here in sunny Melbourne.”

He added that despite being from boring Canberra, both members of Peking Duk are die-hard Blues supporters, and hope that their pre-game musical showcase can bring the boys some luck.

A spokesperson from NRL admits they are aware of the confusing, inter-state blur that tonight is building into, and explains they “felt like we had to get Canberra involved somehow”.

Origin kicks off at 8pm tonight on Channel 9. Tune in early for Peking Duk’s performance and Gus Gould’s monologue.


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