Byron Bay pinger-slinger starts annual pre-Splendour stocktake

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Byron Bay pinger-slinger starts annual pre-Splendour stocktake

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Evan Brown, known by friends as Aurora has announced his annual stocktake of pingers, caps and tabs is underway as Splendour In The Grass closes in.

The 27-year-old Byron Bay local has been the go-to man for last minute gear at Splendour for 5-years now, basing himself in his retired ‘Wicked Camper’ van on the outskirts of the Northern parklands and selling what he describes as “bucket loads” to visiting festival goers.

“Yeah, it’s usually about a month’s work to get everything in order” he told B-Side today. “I spend about two weeks counting the pingers before moving onto caps, which takes about a week, then finishing up with a few sheets of tabs. The eastern suburbs kids love the tabs.”

He said that once all the product is in order he is ready to put the feelers out to the community.

“Well yeah, a big part of it is getting the word out to new Splendour goers. All the old heads know I’m the man about town for the job, but part of the gig is getting the business of the newcomers.”

It’s always a profitable time of the year for Aurora, who explained that aside from Splendour and Falls Festival, it’s “pretty dire up here”.

“I’ll make enough over that weekend to keep my lifestyle going til Falls so I gotta be ready.”


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