Client Liaison part ways with 80s aesthetic, move on to 90s grunge

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Client Liaison part ways with 80s aesthetic, move on to 90s grunge

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Melbourne band/fashion designers/Aussie icons Client Liaison have ruptured their fan base today with some massive, career changing news.

The beloved group – made up of Harvey, Monty and occasionally triple j’s Tom Tilley on the bass – shared a video statement to their fans today in the form of a staticky, VHS style recording. The video portrayed both Monty and Harvey sitting in a dark, messy bedroom, like that of a more run-down, Cheese TV set, where they announced a new creative direction for the group.

“Hey all. As you’re all well aware of, the Client Liaison image of pastel pinks and blues and the flare of the 80s has been a big part of the project since it’s conception” confessed Monty. “But, like all good things, it has come to an end (guitar screeches in the background)”.

Harvey, dressed in a tattered flannel, stepped forward and continued the joint statement, saying “it’s time to shake things up. The 80s galore of Client Liaison’s past has been immediately replaced with that of the 90s grunge aesthetic.”

“Think Nirvana, Pearl Jam or Soundgarden but a little cleaner” Harvey added.

With a music festival, Expo Liaison on the horizon, this dramatic change-up has certainly got people talking. Will this mean a change in sound? It looks likely. For now we wait.


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