“Forget the moustache”: Flume reveals exciting new facial hair look

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“Forget the moustache”: Flume reveals exciting new facial hair look

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Flume has been pretty quiet in 2018. I mean, the bloke did drop 2 EP’s and an album over the past 2 years, but for 2018, it’s been quiet. Until now.

Yes, the Manly born, electronic superstar has broken the silence with an announce a little different to that of new music. Instead, we have some new Flume facial hair to ogle over.

After turning heads in 2016 with the moustache – a look that proved polarising but overall successful – Flume has unveiled a new facial hair style, the Amish beard. “Forget the moustache” he said in a press statement. “It’s the dawn of a new era of facial hair for me, and as a tastemaker in both audio and now visual world, I feel inclined to make the Amish beard a thing”.

“Plus, Chet Faker has been known as the beard guy for too long. It’s my turn”.

There has been no update of the growth of the beard but our in-house art team have come up with a mock below.


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