Sir David Attenborough Shares His Global Music Collection

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Sir David Attenborough Shares His Global Music Collection

With a lifestyle like David Attenborough’s, it goes without saying he would have encountered some pretty amazing sights and sounds over the years.

And, typically, he has. The renowned explorer with the velvet vocals has built his career discovering what the world has to offer from all corners, and in doing so he has also recorded different forms of music from all over the globe.

This intriguing collection of sounds was broadcast over the weekend on BBC Radio 3, including a Sierra Leone xylophone piece, aboriginal didgeridoo players, harp performances in Paraguay and gamelan music in Java.

Speaking on the collection, Attenborough said “I’m delighted that the music I recorded, all over the world, half a century ago, is coming to light at last”.

Go ahead and listen to Attenborough’s global music collection right here, and revisit some classic Attenborough gold below.

(Via Mixmag)



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