So, there are David Attenborough themed raves sweeping through the UK

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So, there are David Attenborough themed raves sweeping through the UK

Words by Josh Pavlou

David Attenborough’s Jungle Boogie is the new nature themed club night sweeping the UK by storm and frankly, we’re jealous.

Having recently sold out two 600-800 capacity venues in Leeds and Liverpool, the Jungle Boogie pays homage to the 91-year- old nature enthusiast. Episodes of Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II are projected behind a DJ who mixes house, disco, funk and soul cuts among a variety of smooth Attenborough vocal samples, while revellers frolic across the open plains of the dance floor.

Expect to hear layers of trippy bird-like noises and classic party tunes well into the early morning hours. This jungle themed environment would not be complete without the opportunity to snap a photo with a life-sized cut-out of Sir. David A, as punters slip on masks of his ageless face.

If you are a fan of this particular British national treasure, or just like to try something new on a night out, this could all be yours for a cheeky £6 cover charge.

Leeds based promoter, Good Life, is planning further jungle themed expeditions in Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton, Southampton, Cardiff and Leamington Spa for 2018.

So grab hold of your binoculars, don your beige overalls and prepare to enter the jungle with the world’s greatest naturist.

Check it out on Facebook here.

(Via: Mixmag)


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