Nigerian Bloke Sets World Record For Longest DJ Set

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Nigerian Bloke Sets World Record For Longest DJ Set

DJ Obi has just beaten the world record for the longest DJ Set, clocking in at 229 hours 0r 10 days straight in a Café in Lagos. 

The Nigerian powerhouse selector capped the previous record holder – Polish DJ Rorbert Selmaj – by a staggering 29 hours. Not a bad effort.

The rules for this record were fairly simple:

-Every hour Obi received one 5 minute toilet break

-There had to be someone dancing at all times

-No song can be played twice within 4 hours

-Allowed one 2-hour break each day.

Sound easy enough? Well after 10 days of DJing it starts to wear you down. Speaking on the endurance effort, Obi said “I woke up hallucinating after 4 or 5 days and had lost full control of my body…I used the loss my father as an inspiration, constantly thinking to myself that my Dad was watching me and would be disappointed if I failed.”

You did it Obi! I’m certain Dad would be proud!

Guinness World Records are still reviewing the attempt and say it could take a couple of weeks. 

Via Dancing Astronaut


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