This MIDI controller has made $200k in 2 days. Would you play it?

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This MIDI controller has made $200k in 2 days. Would you play it?

Sorry classical musicians Рgone are the days where actual instruments were needed to make any kind of tune. Jokes (but not really?), because innovative midi controllers seem to be taking over the world. Case in point the Artiphon Instrument 1, which just made $US75,000 on Kickstarter in 6 hours.

Leaving¬†standard configurations of drum pads and knobs in the dust – the Artiphon is midi versatility at it’s most bizarre. Aesthetically resembling a mini keyboard and fretboard – the knobs and dials are minimal. A volume knob and instrument preset that are compatible with your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC are all you need to run this puppy. What emerges could be guitar (6 digital strings and 12 optional frets), violin, keyboard or drum machine – as well as shocked faces when you jam out on what looks like a baby hover board.

Luckily for the creators – not everyone finds the aesthetic unappealing. Smashing the target of $75k, the project is now pledged to the value of $US195,417 at last check – with 38 days still to go. Whilst still a long way from the success of the Exploding Kittens Card Game Kickstarter – it’s still a lot of crowd-funding moola.

With the Antiphone set to ship in January 2016 – there’s still a whole lot of packages that will see you landed with the cool little gadget. The $349 pledge, which will see you grab one with $50 off the retail price, or if you’re feeling generous the $599 pledge, which will see you receive a little buddy and the organisers ship one off for musical therapy and education.

Check out the video below and the kickstarter page right hurr.

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