Kickstart Sammy Bananas Limited Bootleg Vinyl

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Kickstart Sammy Bananas Limited Bootleg Vinyl

Sammy Bananas, the quiet achiever of the Fools Gold label is looking to release a series of his bootlegs on a limited run of vinyl via crowd sponsored site Kickstarter.

The bootlegs represent works winding all the way back to 2003 although a majority stem from modern tracks when he began  “flipping some favorite songs from 2012 and releasing them completely for free through my SoundCloud account.”

Bigger remixes that have cut through over the years have been of Chromeo, Body Language and " target="_blank">Thunderheist.

It seems the goal is to push his new imprint Amyl Acetate and hopefully “appeal not only to vinyl DJs and collectors but to anyone who has enjoyed all the free music I’ve given away over the years.”, the way we see it… it’s helping out a good cause!

Listen to all the bootlegs mixed together below and get your e-dollars ready.


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