Got an iPod Classic? You’re Sitting On A Gold Mine

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Got an iPod Classic? You’re Sitting On A Gold Mine

Still haven’t opened that iPod Classic your Grandparents gave you for Christmas a few years back? Maybe hold back (from using it as a paperweight) with word the veteran technology is now worth up to triple and quadruple it’s value since Apple discontinued the model.

According to The Guardian having almost double the storage capacity than modern iPods and not relying on streaming is a bit of a handy thing with 160Gb models in particular, that can hold up to 40,000 songs currently selling brand new for up to £670 (yes pounds) on Amazon.

How about locally?

Yep Australian’s are catching on as well with brand new 160Gb iPod classic’s selling for around $300 to $350 which isn’t half bad for a bit of tech that’s almost five years old now.

Still no pumped? Check out this classic unboxing video of a 7th generation iPod.

source: The Guardian


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