Check out the synth designed to get kids into production

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Check out the synth designed to get kids into production

They say it’s never too early to expose kids to the good stuff in life, we guess that was the thinking behind Playtime Engineering’s new toy. The Blipblox Audio Exploration Module is a synthesiser designed to let kids explore and create electronic music.

The company describes it as a fully functioning synthesiser beatbox that has been simplified and optimised for little minds, even kids as young as three can mess around on it. The synth allows kids to go beyond smashing a few buttons to create sound, the Blipblox is fully equiped with “a proprietary algorithm that synthesizes completely unique waveforms”, allowing users to create their own soundwave. The features include one low pass filter, two envelope generators, eight oscillator modulation schemes, two LFOs and MIDI, and more.

So if your electronic music dreams didn’t quite pan out, maybe junior you can have a crack. Or heck, get one for yourself, you big kid.

Check out all the musical possibilities in this video below.


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