Pioneer DJ’s new headphones are pretty much indestructable

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Pioneer DJ’s new headphones are pretty much indestructable

Words by Max Jacobson

The new HDJ-X headphone models from Pioneer Dj boast their “super durability” for those gigging DJ’s out there. Each of them have gone through US military shock compliance tests to ensure that they are tough to crack.  The three models range from budget HDJ-X5, to mid-range HDJ-X7, to pro HDJ-X10, but the sturdiness is the same across all.

The Flagship HDJ-X10 model sticks out with some interesting amendments. It comes with a detachable mini-XLR connector which functions to attach the cord. Additionally, there’s a new wipe-clean, or as they call it “nano coating”, on the earpads that reduces any issue that may come from sweat or dirt entering the headphones. So you can now feel free to get messy 😉

The HDJ-X10 can produce frequencies from 5hz to 40khz. In other words, according to Pioneer DJ themselves, this range of sound quality has never been achieved before by any DJ heaphones.

These headphones will be available from October, so get excited if you’re on the lookout for a new pair to go with your decks. Get a little more first-hand insight with this vid:


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