Korg’s Mono/Poly synth is now available on your phone

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Korg’s Mono/Poly synth is now available on your phone

Words by James Pepper

If you’re looking at buying some hardware within Korg’s synthesis series, you may find yourself spending within the thousands of dollars for just one piece of gear! Thankfully (for some), Korg has released a digital recreation of the iconic sounds found within these units for a tidy $20 upon iOS formats.

The app is available on the iPhone & iPad and shares many features of the legendary analog synth hosting a 4 oscillator unit, as we’ll as 4 voicing options, with the additional opportunity to get your teeth into 256 Korg’s presets.


Korg’s promo video debuts the new app with the idea that the app has been developed for those who are excited to turn some knobs and get their head around the big bad world of analog without spending thousands just yet… take a look for yourself and tell us what you think!


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