You can now make beats on your Nintendo Switch

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You can now make beats on your Nintendo Switch

Can’t afford Ableton live 9 or now 10? Korg have got you covered with their new music game for the portable Nintendo switch which allows you to make beats in the hand-held console. Having just revived the the famed Mono/poly synthesiser for iOS earlier this year, Korg are yet again providing new advancements that are exciting producers and tech-heads all round.

The game is officially called ‘Korg Gadget’, not quite a sexy and cool as we hoped but hey, we’ll let the music made on it speak for itself. There’ll be a multiplayer option so you can collab on a track or compete with one another to create the craziest track.

It’ll be out in spring 2018, and there is not yet details on the price and exact release date However a microsite has gone live.

Check it out in action:


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