Kah-Lo shares high-energy video for hit single ‘Fasta’

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Kah-Lo shares high-energy video for hit single ‘Fasta’

Nigerian born artist – being the 2016 chart topper ‘Rinse and Repeat’, grabbing a spot in the top 10 tracks played on BBC Radio 1 in 2016 – Kah-Lo has returned with another huge collab with single ‘Fasta’ and it now has a music video.

With heavy homage to Azealia Banks, Kah-Lo debuts the video to her highly sought after single. With some retro spice, colour wise, the heart pumping single has an easy on the eye video to accompany it.

With a radio friendly length, ‘Fasta’ has been scooping up airtime on Triple J, 77 in the last 4 weeks to be exact. It has also been popping off on Shazam in Australia being the 39th most Shazam’d track in Australia with 48K Shazams.

With the ability to seamlessly blend elements of pop with electronic music, Kah-Lo puts forth her own unique sound. Her Nigerian background adds to the track to sounds as global as can be. With some serious bounce, it won’t be long until we see the self-proclaimed “monotone rap princess” playing festivals worldwide.

Suss the video below.



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