The Aston Shuffle Have Released A New Single!

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The Aston Shuffle Have Released A New Single!

Words By Sarah Tonkin

With the nation’s dance duo going between Triple J Radio duties and producing, The Aston Shuffle are already back into it and have dropped a fresh and exciting new single ‘Make A Wrong Thing Right’ featuring the soulful and airy vocals of US singer/songwriter, Micah Powell.

This fiery collaboration brings a smooth funky house-driven vibe to the dance floor with Micah Powell‘s dreamy vocals going hand in hand with the duo’s production and song writing skills.

Earlier this year, the boys gave us ‘High With You’ and ‘Only 1 feat. Nathaniel S. Lewis’ and they don’t waste any time with their follow-ups. The Aston Shuffle continue to impress us with their up-beat and catchy tunes, having clocked up collectively over 3 million streams on their previous releases. ‘Make A Wrong Thing Right’ further boasts the duo’s creative talents and profession, merging their ability to link their music to the dance community and the floor around the globe.

Have a listen to ‘Make A Wrong Thing Right’ below and try to stay still in your seat!



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