Jerome Blazé Unveils New Era with “Is This What I Have Missed?”

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Jerome Blazé Unveils New Era with “Is This What I Have Missed?”

Sydney’s musical maestro Jerome Blazé is back, and he’s ushering in a new era with his latest release, “Is This What I Have Missed?”. Teaming up with alt-folk sensation Sarah Levins and experimental violinist James Tarbotton, Blazé crafts a sonic masterpiece that transcends boundaries and defies expectations.

At the heart of this track lies a spontaneous jam session between Blazé and Tarbotton, whose eclectic collaboration sets the stage for a mesmerizing journey through sound. Departing from his previous gentle soundscapes, Blazé delves into gritty sampled breakbeats, driving basslines, and punchy piano chords, all underscored by a screeching cello solo that sends shivers down the spine.

But perhaps the most striking departure comes in Blazé’s vocal approach. For the first time, he trades in traditional singing for a spoken word delivery, weaving a tapestry of fragmented images that capture the essence of a bustling city in perpetual motion. As Blazé himself explains, “The lyrics are a series of erratic images I noticed moving about the city… it just felt right to say those images, rather than wrap them up in a melody.”


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