Debukas – I Am Machinery [20/20 Vision]

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Debukas – I Am Machinery [20/20 Vision]


Debukas out of the UK has come out with a consistently mesmerising full length electronic and deep house inspired album titled ‘I Am Machinery’. I started listening to the Brit last year following the release of the ‘Pleasure Patterns’ EP and due to it’s success 20/20 Vision have decided to continue their partnership with this eleven track masterclass. All eleven tracks are noteworthy, as ‘Knowledge’ for instance just exudes those dreamy, summertime, electro-pop vibes and as all the other tracks prove, Debukas knows how to work those vocals in some incredibly infectious ways. The real reason for this being a special piece of work is the variety of musical genres and feels it expresses from hypnotic dreamwave-esque tracks like ‘Minus 24’ and more so ‘South’, perfect for those poolside occasions, to that raw late night deep-house feel with tracks such as my favourite form the album ‘Shake’, which deliver a vibe more accustomed to the dark dancefloors in the early hours. This release has such an assortment of genres and it doesn’t fail to deliver in all the areas it attempts to touch upon, a real class work of art from Debukas.


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