The festival survival guide to end all festival survival guides

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The festival survival guide to end all festival survival guides

As you might have guessed, granted these foul heat waves, we’re currently deep in Summer, which also means we’re deep in FESTIVAL SEASON.

As there is currently a festival popping up somewhere across the sunburnt country almost every week, we figured now would be the best time to provide you all ~ the punters ~ with the ultimate festival survival guide to ensure you not only make the most of your fezzi but you do it safely.

We knocked heads with the dudes over at Yeahsure to build this unmatchable, step-by-step guideline that comes with visuals to help you digest it all. We really spoilt you lot here.

Dive into the official Yeahsure x Stoney Roads survival guide below and make sure you take note!

1: Show a bit of skin

2: Pretend everything is alright

4: Warm up with a few dabs

4: Sink a few shoeys

5: But don’t drink too much though…

6: Share it around

7: Find a good vantage point

8: A mate’s shoulders will do

9: If one mate isn’t high enough, try two

10: Try not to fall though

11: But if you do, just act cool

12: If all else fails, call for help!

There you have it. If that doesn’t work for you then I guess festivals just don’t react well with you and that truly sucks.

If you want a run down on partying up close and personal be sure to head along to Yeahsure’s 2nd birthday party next weekend at Flaming Lounge in Kings Cross. Check out the details right here and below.


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