Florrie’s Last Indie EP Released

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Florrie’s Last Indie EP Released

So, the drummer turned indie-popstar Florrie has released new EP titled Late, her third one under the Florrie moniker. After listening to it I will say that this 4-track EP has definitely got a pretty solid sound. It definitely tells that she has matured not just in terms of vocal singing but also in terms of styles and production approach. Some of you might argue that it sounded safe, which is indeed true – it sounds exactly how we expect most normal song to sound. Which brings us to the next point.

As the former Xenomania drummer has always said, this would be her last independent EP before she goes major. Yep, you heard it. Florrie is going major label. So next time you see her it’s probably gonna be on some V Channel programme along with some of the latest greatest and not to forget most-defining Avicii hits. Or Pauly D’s one.

We are curious to see which label she ended up signing to, and so far interests seems to come from north America. So the million dollar question: would she be the next sellout after leaving the, ehm, one and true path? You tell me.

Nope, we’re definitely not bitter about it. Oh and by the way do check these tracks and let us know which ones you like.



Late EP (iTunes) – The Florrie Project


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