Throwback Track: Air – ‘Sexy Boy’
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Throwback Track: Air – ‘Sexy Boy’

French duo Air struck lightning twice in the 1990s with their debut EP ‘Premiers Symptômes’ and follow up record ‘Moon Safari’. While their music was considered to be electronic, the two drew heavy influences from psychedelic and progressive rock. That sort of sound and the general feel of the 90s created the perfect storm for undoubtedly their most famous track – ‘Sexy Boy’.

Starting with a bassline made up of what sounds like someone’s voice (or a frog), the rest of the track is built perfectly around it. From the grinding of guitar feedback and the wailing of a signature note, to the sultry semi-spoken lyrics shifting in and out of French, everything works perfectly. Little breaks in between the chorus give us a taste of some Air similar in taste to their first EP, but that same sound keeps coming back, and it’s awesome. ‘Sexy Boy’ is like an embodiment of so many different sounds of the 90s coming together – and while you might not think it’d work, it certainly does.


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