Check out the debut minimlist dance track from Melbourne producer London Topaz
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Check out the debut minimlist dance track from Melbourne producer London Topaz

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration,” Nikola Tesla was well onto the magic of frequencies and now science has proved it. Everything in the world, including our bodies, is made up of energies tuned to different frequencies, and so frequencies can affect other frequencies. This is why you may have been given the advice to listen to low frequency music if you’re overly stressed.

Modern music is tuned to 440hz and it has been since the International Standards Organisation decided this back in 1953, but since frequencies have been researched, it’s now been found that this frequency is disharmonious with the natural resonance found in nature, and the frequencies in humans. So studies have pointed to tuning music to 432hz instead.

And that is exactly what Melbourne newcomer London Topaz has done with his debut single ‘Hybrid Heart’.

And whether you think frequencies are one big conspiracy or not, there is no denying that ‘Hybrid Heart’ is a liberating track. While it’s anchored by crisply dispatched beats and futurist synths, there’s a lush texture that threads it all together, neatly and tightly — the track leads and you are free to let go.

Halfway through the track, a billowing drum takes up the space of the song, it’s a pulsating bass line that feels right for middle of the morning sets, where only those truly lost in the music have stayed behind. The bright synth melody colours the bass line without making the track too flighty, it’s still a heavy, minimalist sound.

For a debut, ‘Hybrid Heart’ is strong release, we’re keen to see what else comes from this Melbourne producer.

Check out his Soundcloud and follow him on Facebook here.


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