Client Liaison Open Up On Exciting And Unexpected Aussie Collaboration!
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Client Liaison Open Up On Exciting And Unexpected Aussie Collaboration!

In the lead up to their Australian tour at Listen Out, we chat to all round fantastic on stage performers Client Liaison.

Tucked away in their cosy studio set up in Melbourne, the lads opened up on an exciting collaboration project they’ve got in the works.

‘We’re working on stuff… we’ve been working with Flight Facilities. just huddled around the heater, here in Melbourne.

They (Flight Facilities) are mentors of ours and we hit it off because we have similar values in the way approach music with a big visual component, as well as sonically being aligned. It kind of felt like we were doing similar kinds of things in different cities. We’ve developed a really good friendship with them and we love hanging out with them.’

When creating music, do the visuals or the sounds come first?


Sometimes either way. Sometimes a video clip, some times a name of a song, but mostly it’s the music that comes firsts and foremost.

Another person you seem to be spending a lot of time with musically is Triple J host Tom Tilly. How did that one come about?


He’s a good friend of my ex girlfriend and so we developed a friendship and we started jamming together. He has lots of enthusiasm that’s a very high currency in the music game. If you got enthusiasm and a willingness to play that’ll go a long way.

It also helps that he’s in the political-sphere (The Hack on Triple J).. We like that association!

Catch the duo play at this years Listen Out in September alongside the likes of Hayden James, Odesza, Childish Gambino and more!


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