There is a petition for a Flume statue in his hometown

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There is a petition for a Flume statue in his hometown

Here at Stoney Roads, we love having a yarn about the latest electronic music news, but we aren’t afraid to help make the news from time to time.

Enter our latest idea: The immortalisation of Flume.

We decided Flume has earned just about enough kudos as a musical ambassador for Australia that he deserves a sculpture, and where better to erect this monument than his local hangout of Manly, specifically the tourist hotspot of Manly wharf.

After winning a GRAMMY, a buttload of ARIAs, releasing 2 stellar albums, a string of EPs and sharing remixes that both boggle your mind and make you feel all tingly inside, it goes without saying the local council could and SHOULD get around to this.

Here’s a cheeky example of what it could look like. The GRAMMY is crucial to include right?


Or maybe something a little more candid and ‘beachy‘?


So if you agree that Flumey should follow the likes of Shane Warne, Don Bradman and all the other famous figureheads of Aussie history in being cut from stone and plonked in a public location, then SIGN AND SHARE THE PETITION.


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