There's no denying talent is getting younger these days, be it little kids thrashing drums or shredding guitars with dance music no stranger to the young prodigy.

Cue Rhys aka Black Summer, an 11-year old living in Canberra that has been making music for... get this, 4-5 years!

Although what you'd think is clearly a gimmick isn't with the youngster making big room sounding tracks dubbed "Fist Pump", "Dark Times, Brights Light" and "Dark Nirvana" in his very own studio that includes keys, a launchpad, monitors and the ambition to boot.

With the backing of his parents, school and even Triple J the video gives you insight into the life of Rhy as he drops some classic one liners about "just remember, im only 11" and having his first groupie after his track was played at the school dance.

There's also the moment they show him a personal message from Australia's biggest dance export Flume and his priceless reaction.

Where'd his name come from? Probably the most Australian way ever, but you'll have to watch and find out.

Check out his Unearthed profile here.