With the golden age of labels gone with the wind and music sales murdered by the interwebz, there are very few labels out there making moves and holding influence. Sure big names that have the gig funding of stars like Skrillex, Diplo, and Aoki can get by, but just barely. As the subscription fad hits the world of independent music, these guys are probably at least paying for their marketing runs and funding a small staff. What about the true independent label?

What about the small guys? What about the underground dudes that everyone always knew but haven't really broken out? Well as the web gave the world free music, it also expanded the scope of promotion. Intuitive campaigns based on connections, exclusivity, and overall fresh tracks are putting some underground killers ahead of the pack. Just like late nights on the Internet, when your deep in a dirty sweaty festival crowd you often come across that soggy, bootleg, smuggled blunt. Most of the time you just get a bad taste and horrible cough, but sometimes you cop a full on Body High.

New-Age label bosses Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL practically fell into the role. Their debut album focused on nothing but dance floor bliss. Having created a cult following of solid grooves and popping bass they are just doing what comes natural as Djs. Already respected by the top gunners out there, it wasn't long before the new label was receiving praise from outlets and Djs worldwide. The debut album 'Dj Dodger Stadium' was solid West Coast bass with a funky appeal. This is the kind of music that you have no choice but to dance.

Sure house music is evolving, but you and I both know it's not going in the direction of America's favorite wobbles. True booty-rockin' bass is back in the underground and loved by new and old alike. Hip corner spots in twenty thirteen are strangely vintage. Bright colored button ups, retro skirts, and real dance moves are back on the floor. Yes the beats are faster, nights are longer, and drinks are stronger, but that's what drugs are for right? Dj culture is alive, well, and fresher than ever.

In addition to the two dudes at the reigns, they have conjured another eight releases with top billin' producers. Floyd Campbell's Vision's Mix has gained quite a following, blending inustrial tech with big LA bass. Making it up the ranks on Beatport, the emerging label's tracks are running the show. Creating the next level of electronica isn't just their job, it's their calling.

Diplo himself descibes the Body High boys as "one of the most influential labels in the US ...... somewhere between soul, disco, future club music, and everything in between." If you really want to see future trends and try and predict what we may see tommorow's radio play look no further. Recently featured on the UK's Radio 1, these two are on the way to dance history. Don't get left behind, get high now.

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