Sex Cult: Followers of the Party
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Sex Cult: Followers of the Party

Bold pioneers of the electro/pop movement in the US, Designer Drugs, the dynamic Dj/production duo made up of Michael Vincent Patrick and Theodore Paul Nelson, have been turning dance floors into mosh pits since long before Sonny Moore took the decks. Jet-setting around the world with their heavy originals and massive remixes, Designer Drugs have also given die-hard fans a digital following through their infamous Datamix collection (16 and counting). Keeping a frenzied tour schedule, these West Virginia locals pour every ounce of sweaty, screaming energy into going punk rock wild at their shows. They recently expanded their crew, uniting electro heavy hitters from coast to coast, from Elle Rex to Richie Panic to Cerebral Vortex, and more. Through smoke and bass, the Sex Cult was born, the womping lovechild of gutter and grind, exploding into the EDM ethers as fans assemble like zealous disciples of the Almighty Beat, worshiping on darkened, debaucherous dance floors everywhere.

Touring with a close-knit collective, Designer Drugs teams up with the likes of Black Matter, PLS DNT STP, SKITSNYGG, and Your Dirty Habit. All creatures bred to breathe electro, Sex Cult will kicksnare you to all fours on the floor and leave you awed, gasping for air. Black Matter (formerly Jesse Jamz) burst into the spotlight of late with a slew of slammin’ remixes, and his most recent project is a remix for Mustard Pimp on their upcoming release. SKITSNYGG, a Brooklyn based producer lauded for his smashing grind-house and electro originals, takes “cray” to the next level with his bumping remix of “Ni***s in Paris,” putting a grind house twist on Jay- Z & Kanye’s fresh hip-hop flavor.

A few of Philly’s finest showmen, PLS DNT STOP, have also jumped the Sex Cult bandwagon with a highly anticipated upcoming release on the new label, an output of such formidable energy to bring you to your raver knees, begging “pretty PLS give me more!” It will be tough to nail down these two as their bookings steadily stack up. Adding another flavorful duo to the mix, Your Dirty Habit also unleashed their debut EP on the Sex Cult label, catapulting themselves into a non-stop touring circuit. Boasting big names in the game like Alvin Risk and Cyberpunkers, this kaleidoscopic crew of party trashing professionals comprises a cult that will continue sowing it’s bloody beat seeds far into the future.

The Cult’s roster is made up of working class Djs with raw talent and dramatic finesse. You won’t find tour busses full of half naked women and high dollar champage. These guys are on the grind daily, living, eating and breathing music from city to city. By way of Amtrak, China Bus, and driving themselves, don’t be surprised if you see SKITSNYGG and PLS DNT STP cruising down I-95 alongside you. Since Djing has become the next big thing in the music industry, it’s harder and harder to compete with the myriad of artists exploding onto the interwebs daily. With this new team assembled by Designer Drugs, competition is less of a concern, especially under the unifying umbrella of crew dynamics. These die hard party fanatics would be more than happy to rock some impromptu basement rave into oblivion when given the chance.

To greet their bass hungry disciples, Designers Drugs headlined an initiation tour this past Fall with dates across half the US. The crew piled into their White Lincoln limo, blasting “Ball So Hard” and converting new followers one party at a time. When you see that limo pull up, prepare to take a walk on the wobble side. Watch as the doors open, while skate decks, bottles, and Macbooks tumble forth forming a rager’s red carpet, followed by the famed footsteps of these squinty-eyed gurus. With a lineup so stacked, Sex Cult parties erupt right from the first clap of the kickdrum, all the way until the last piercing howl of the synths.

This wild bunch invaded the iconic Webster Hall not long ago, a true right of passage for some of the younger producers, and a familiar homecoming for Designer Drugs vets. Later they took siege upon DC’s iconic U Street Music Hall, grubbing up a decadent electro feast that gave Tittsworth’s unstoppable sound system a veritable bass attack. But neither of these shows can possibly top their next highly anticipated event in Miami this March: the Sex Cult Yacht Party. That’s right, they’re gonna make that shit float, and the boat may or may not return to port – who knows what could happen when this band of bros hits the high seas.

Even with rigorous tour schedules, the group always finds time to put out tracks and play label sponsored shows. With a “more the merrier” mentality, collaborations are a common vehicle fostering a sexy, cultish creative flow. With that distinctive gutter sound that Designer Drugs first made famous, the label continues to diversify releases while touring globally and staying true to their roots. Who knows what’s in store for 2012, so make sure to check Beatport for the future sounds of Sex Cult.

With a passion for the party that has made them experts in the game, all we can expect is bigger and better from Sex Cult’s consummation. Riding the Designer Drugs wave, this hand-picked cartel of dirty bass lovers is out to make a splash in the scene, spreading their sounds to international eardrums. Be sure to catch the artists of Sex Cult next time they wreak havoc on your unsuspecting city. You may wake up with a pounding headache and slight liquid memory loss, but it’s guaranteed to be a night to remember, so get up and join the following.


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