Harris Robotis just dropped a banging EP!

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Harris Robotis just dropped a banging EP!

If you call yourself a Harris Robotis fan then today’s your lucky day! Harris Robotis has released his heaving, thumping, four-on-the floor ‘INT – ERUPTED’ EP!

“For the last decade and a half, founder Harris Robotis has been constantly immersed amongst electronic music, recording artists and record labels around the globe. As a DJ, Producer, Songwriter and well-known Branding/Graphic Designer, it was inevitable that he would one day magnetise his love for music, art direction and humour to begin a new chapter with his own musical imprint” – Tones of Fun Records.

To summarise Harris’s own words about the project, “‘INT – ERUPTED” is best described as a musical metaphor for when something goes wrong mid-set but turns out to be the best possible outcome. Like when someone knocks your deck and it skips a track, which everyone begins vibing out to.

Harris spoke of his track Movin’ stating it “uses jackin beats, rubbery bass-lines, swung out lead lines and a cyclonic breakdown to bend and flick you into a fresh groove. Sounding like it should be a quote from Legally Blonde, the ‘bend and flick’ part is all about elastic tension and release that gets you Movin’ early on. This jam can also easily reset the vibe and is fit enough to Movin’ it’s way into a range of sets both Jamie Jones and Jesse Rose can work with.”

Fusing Deep House and Electro together, the EP is perfect kick off the weekend and get you into the groove.

Give Harris Robotis’s ‘INT – ERUPTED’ EP a spin!


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