Ten Aussie House and Techno artists you need to know

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Ten Aussie House and Techno artists you need to know

Words by Tech-Head Tim

With the House/Techno scene in Australia growing faster than ever before, producers and DJs falling in love with the 4-on-the-floor has led to a spike in some seriously talented up and coming producers coming out of the woodwork.

There’s no secret that Aussie nightlife tends to favour these genres of dance music, so we took the time to zero in on a few artists making waves right now that you need to keep tabs on.

Here is our pick of the bunch:

Willaris K

Now, heres someone that everyone here at Stoney Roads is super excited about. The 23 year old lad from far northern NSW made a big impact on the scene with his debut release ‘Alchemy’, a track that has been on repeat in our office since it’s conception. If you haven’t checked him out yet, prepare yourself for big euro synths, meeting every dark aspect within Australian dance music right now.


One of Sydney’s most exciting up-and-comers, Nyxen has proven over the past 2 years with her finely crafted, tech-heavy originals and remixes and that she one to watch. She frequents the Aussie club circuit and is finding herself slotted into more festival lineups so you’ll likely be seeing a lot more of Nyxen in the future.

Nite Fleit

Coming out of Melbourne, Nite Fleit has been a regular name on the booming house scene of Australia for a while now, however the local DJ has shown in recent times that her finesse with the odd remix and original track is well worht taking note of. Give her ‘SOH009’ remix a spin below and see what we mean.

James Pepper AU

The 20 year old producer from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney featured on our page a few months back with his debut release via Finer Things. Reason being – young Pepper is definitely one to maintain tabs on as we are predicting some big things over the next 12 months.

Anthony Fade

The minds behind Anthony Fade are some of the most inventive, crafting minds in Australian house music right now. The boys from Anthony Fade adopt that underground, textural groove; something that has seen them build up a solid following in a short amount of time.

Fergus Sweetland

Fergus Sweetland formally known as Sweetland seemingly gifts AUS techno with what it has been missing, bringing driving techno and heavy modulators to the table. After releasing his driving techno tunes for just over 4 years now, Fergus’s experience is evident within his productions providing sub-heavy bass lines and driving kicks to keep you fist pumping into the early hours of the morning.


If you have been exploring the more intricate sides of house/eletronic music in Australia at the moment, no doubt you would have stumbled across the two boys behind the works of Sonderr. These two Sydney blokes touch on the more minimal and emotionally driven side of house music, investing time working on intricate lo-fi house to have you dancing whilst getting you through your every day grind.


Whether it be jungle vibes, weird and innovative sampling, or synth-heavy productions, Byron Bay’s Nutrition is one that manages to hit the spot regardless what he’s feeling like pumping out in the studio.

George Michelle

Sydney local George Michelle has been a large blip on our radar for the past 12-months. His heavy-hitting electronic masterpieces reflect that grinding, underground tone that has become synonymous with everything coming out of his label Burning Rose.

Rebel Yell

To round off our list compiling the house/techno gems of tomorrow, we present you Brisbane made Rebel Yell. If you are familiar with her music already, you’ll know she needs no introduction. Her driving, hefty production style acts as a refreshing slap int he face and an exciting look at what is to come for Aus techno.

Who are some other House and Techno artists coming up we should check out?


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