Iconic Sydney venue Club 77 will open 7 days a week

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Iconic Sydney venue Club 77 will open 7 days a week

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, iconic Sydney/Eora venue Club 77 will be opening 7 nights a week until 4am every night. It’ll be offering more than just its club-focused music programming with new nights and a selection of food, drink and cocktails.

Whatever you’ve previously thought or seen at Club 77 has gone out the window with a revamped DJ booth, three stages, new furniture and booths revealed. The venue has also been completely soundproofed and acoustically treated and a professionally tuned KV2 Audio system dropped in.

On the music side of things, there will be something for everyone, from low-slung beats to raucous house and techno on weekends as per usual. As for curation, promoters from around Australia will be providing residencies and consistent weekly parties. This includes House of Mince, Phil Smart, TMRW music, UNDR ctrl and Niche Productions.

For drinks, there will be the usual selection of frosty beverages but also not one but two happy hours. The first, every Monday to Friday from 5pm-7pm. and then for the night owls and hospitality workers, a second late-night happy hour from 2:30am-3:30am. The aim is to support the hospo workers who provide us with the good times!

What drinks will be on offer? Expect drops from Moon Dog Craft Brewery, Young Henrys, Grifter and Batlow, and delicious bottled cocktails courtesy of Big Mood. For those looking to boogie without the buzz there will also be a great selection of non-alcoholic wines and cocktails available from Heaps Normal, Big Drop and Yes You Can, plus Big Mood’s infamous non-alcoholic No-Groni.

On the food front will be the mouth-watering ‘77 Dog’ created by Antoine Nebula of cherished Surry Hills cafe Suzie Qs will be available in two versions: gourmet pork sausage and mushroom for the vegetarians/vegans.

That’s not all with the venue promising even more progressive and inclusive projects and initiatives for the future;

“Future plans and initiatives will include activating the space during daytime hours as a community hub for first nations artists and the LGTBQI community. Programs currently being developed are DJ and production workshops, marketing and promotions workshops, projects surrounding mental health awareness within the industry, and paid internships.”

We recently dropped into the venue to chat with owner Dane Gorrell, longtime promoter Tim Poulton and next-gen techno producer Made In Paris to talk about just why this venue is so special.

It’s hard not to get excited about Sydney nightlife with this, the Lansdowne Hotel being saved by the Oxford Art Factory team and a sweet looking Sunday kick-on series happening through June.


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