Turns out Sydney does have an after hours party scene

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Turns out Sydney does have an after hours party scene

Sydney, despite what some might tell you, our nightlife isn’t completely dead and gone! For those eager to kick-on or for those that are insomniac partygoers, a new party has emerged from our scene that kicks off at 5am.

Dubbed Afters, the guys behind the operation David Cooper and Brett Ayton launched their new club night (or should we say club morning) at Darlinghurst’s beloved Club 77 and has already seen a huge number of punters turning up to party till broad daylight. Afters goes down on Sunday mornings and will be expanding to Mondays from 13 November. 

Although the concept isn’t new, David Cooper believes that it’s a concept that has been forgotten in Sydney over the past few years. “When Brett (co-founder) and I used to go out years ago it was pretty common for parties to run into the early (and sometimes late) hours of the morning. I guess all we really did was take the ‘after-hours’ and make them the focus which seems to be something Sydney has been able to get behind so far.”

“This is a rough estimate but I’d say that we’ve had nearly 1000 people through the door in the first 8 weeks. As for starting at 5am, the state government chose that time for us”.

Afters @ Club 77

So you’re probably thinking why does Sydney need something like this? 5am starts? Do you think it will create a big impact on Sydney’s current nightlife?

“Sydney needs something like this because there are a lot of people who miss out due to working during normal opening hours (especially hospitality workers).” Cooper said.

“Whether they’re catching an international act they’ve missed or just looking for somewhere to unwind after a shift, Afters is basically the Friday night ‘after-work drinks option’ for the hospitality industry. I think it will have an impact on Sydney nightlife. It means people don’t have to pick one event for the night and stick to it because they know they will be locked out after 1:30am. They can see an act or go to an event Saturday night then do something different again in the morning. It also makes it easier for smaller venues to book bigger acts, which will hopefully draw more people out in the first place.”

David Cooper‘s ideal version of Sydney nightlife is easy to imagine. “I just think back to before February 2014 when it was up there with the best in the world”.

After smashing out a successful 14 hour party recently, the guys have taken it a step further and will be throwing a massive 15 hour collaboration with CAUSE on Saturday 9 December with Techno whizz East End Dubs headlining.


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