Sydney’s Club 77 is returning as a diner

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Sydney’s Club 77 is returning as a diner

One of Sydney’s most notorious night spots before its exit from the scene a few years back, Club 77 will be opening the doors once again, with food replacing BEATS as the focal point.

The former nightclub – that was once home to the Starfuckers crew, the Bang Gang DJs and pretty much everyone who enjoyed a dirty night out in Sydney pre 2013 – has not revealed too much other than a new Facebook page and a handful of posts that share some of the scrumptious drinks and meals that will be available when it reopens.

The specific style of food is unknown as of yet, but what we do know is that 77 will be a late night restaurant and bar where you can grab a feed, a nice glass of wine and then have a boogie… yes there will be dancing!

For more info on the resurrection of 77, click here. 12376195_177862689240528_8766414651665192338_n


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