There’s a group sharing treasured Bloghouse Artefacts

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There’s a group sharing treasured Bloghouse Artefacts

Going back to a time where fluro was cool, shaking and popping was a thing. When Ajax owned the only copy of Mylo’s ‘Drop The Pressure’ in Australia and when Justice had abrasively smacked us in the face with ‘Waters Of Nazareth‘. A group of keen club veterans have created a group, to share their stored away gems of the 2004 to 2009 blog era artefacts.

The group that has been active for a matter of weeks has already produced some absolute gems, including limited edition Modular Recordings merch, Ed Banger record tour posters, Bang Gang party paraphernalia and more.

We have created a gallery of some of the most awesome finds. And if you are looking for a bit of nostalgia, listen to our podcast with Gus Da Hoodrat of the Bang Gang crew which delves into some cracking stories from their infamous parties. Subscribe to our podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Here are some of the artefacts we enjoyed reminiscing on!

Lest we forget 2007, which has it’s own Spotify playlist of electro and dance to enjoy.

Got a bloghouse artefact to share? Check out the group here.


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