Sydney producer Pat Carroll shares melodic and uplifting ‘Winds Alight’ EP

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Sydney producer Pat Carroll shares melodic and uplifting ‘Winds Alight’ EP

It’s been a pleasing task to follow the journey of Sydney producer Pat Carroll whose electronic output is both consistent and innovative with his latest, the ‘Winds Alight’ EP yet another stellar release.

He’s often compared to Jon Hopkins, Bonobo, Max Cooper and Floating Points and for good reason with emotive and electronic journeys that amble across ambient, driving, progressive and at times stern soundscapes.

In a recent interview with he explained his sound and himself as an artist;

It’s definitely grounded in dance music, but also with influences of ambient music and electronic art music. I like to look at how organic sounds can act in unnatural ways, and vice versa. There is a lot of micro-editing and sound design tweaks in the writing process, but I also like sounds to have their own untamed behaviours sometimes – I like them to be moving organically in some way.

The latest and possibly greatest is his ‘Winds’ release, a two-track EP that feels more organised and focused but at the same time, more free and candid, an enjoyable paradox!

Be sure to follow Pat Carroll on Spotify, Facebook, Soundcloud and Instagram.


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