Listen to Flumes new rap loaded ‘Quits’ EP

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Listen to Flumes new rap loaded ‘Quits’ EP

Following on the success of the ‘Hi This Is Flume‘ mixtape, the L.A. based Aussie producer is keeping the experimental good times rolling with a 3-track EP alongside rapper / vocalist Reo Cagran.

The collaborative EP comes out in quick succession from a previously released single Flume did with Reo dubbed ‘Friends’. Harley says it best quoting, “Reo’s got a great ability to adapt to whatever’s going on musically.” This is displayed across listening to all 3 tracks. On Quits, the vibe of Reo’s vox is a real ode to the popularity of cloud rap with it sounding akin to other cloud rap songs. I cannot help but feel like I’ve heard this song before. This is probably a consequence of the genres epic rise. What makes this EP different is Flume’s unique quirky synth ideas meeting this world, maybe showing an insight into the inspiration around what Flume is being influenced by in his American based life.

Overall the EP is fun and easy listening that won’t disappoint older Flume fans and will most probably attract some ears to Reo’s discography.


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