Flume drops a mixtape with a stack of exciting collaborations

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Flume drops a mixtape with a stack of exciting collaborations

The rather sudden and welcomed announce of music coming from Flume yesterday didn’t leave us waiting long. 24 hours later and we’ve got a 38 minute mixtape and it’s the first time we’ve heard from him since the formerly Sydney now LA based producers release of his Skin LP.

Accompanied with a mixtape visualiser filled with saturated colours and journeys to match the vibe of the songs, it’s like you’re watching a premium cinematic production backdrop to a song at a karaoke bar, except you’re strung out.

No way to really describe the listening other than being flailing and liberating. No real boundaries which makes for fun and unpredictability in patterns of what’s going to happen next in the songs. Plenty of tension and builds that in a way don’t really build. It’s just open to interpretation.

‘Hi This Is Flume’ Tracklist

01. Hi This Is Flume
02. Ecdysis
03. High Beams (feat. slowthai & HWLS)
04. Jewel
06. Dreamtime
07. SOPHIE – Is It Cold In The Water? (Flume and Eprom Remix)
08. How To Build A Relationship (feat. JPEGMAFIA)
09. Wormhole
10. Voices (feat. SOPHIE and Kučka)
11. MUD
12. Upgrade
13. 71m3
14. Vitality
15. Daze 22.00
16. Amber
17. Spring (with Eprom)


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