Gesaffelstein just shared a snippet of new music!

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Gesaffelstein just shared a snippet of new music!

Gesaffelstein has just given us a taste of his first new original music since 2013 and to say we are keen for the full track is a heavy understatement.

If you hadn’t noticed we’ve been all aboard the Gesaffelstein hype train lately. With a bunch of teasers and signing to a major label, it seemed like new music was an inevitability and now here we are.

On first listen it seems almost alien spec, something from outer space with distorted almost negative kicks, on the second listen though, one fan heard something a little different. The top comment on the Facebook post is of the snippet played backwards in entirety and the track almost seems to make more sense played that way.

Whether this means this is an intro that gets reversed into the main chunk of the song, or it’s just a completely inverted tune, who knows? At this moment in time it’s all speculation, but what we can assure you is that it will bang.

Check out both the original snippet and the reversed tune and tell us what you think the French Techno god has in store for us.

Original Snippet: 

Played in reverse: 


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