Gesaffelstein just quietly put out a full techno EP

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Gesaffelstein just quietly put out a full techno EP

It had us rubbing our eyes to check twice. France’s lord of dark techno has quite suddenly and literally released a 6-track EP titled ‘Novo Sonic System’. The EP is the first glimpse of work since the man, famous for ‘Pursuit‘, put out his recent collaborative album ‘Hyperion‘ that split fans opinion.

The EP sees a return to mostly his more traditional techno style, with no collaborations and a touch of some solid energy filled drum n bass ideas. It coincides with his return from hiatus touring of many a year with shows across America filling his end of 2019 schedule.

A special mention in the EP has to go to the song ‘Orck’ that is a disjointed drum n bass track that features familiar sounding Gesaff goto synths. The result is a uniquely dance inducing hit that’s proving to prick ears across streaming service. This EP will calm the polarised, I guess purist fans, who were just a little shell shocked by Gesaffelstein’s poppy second album.


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