Be the first to listen to Gesaffelstein’s brilliant new album ‘Hyperion’

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Be the first to listen to Gesaffelstein’s brilliant new album ‘Hyperion’

The hype around Gesaffelstein‘s sophomore album is at an all-time high and with good reason having been privy to a handful of cuts from the album including, ‘Reset’, Lost In The Fire ft. The Weeknd and the more pop leaning ‘Blast Off’ with Daft Punk collaborator Pharrell Williams.

It represents the first body of work from the Parisian producer since 2013’s ALEPH and steers away from his more isolated approach to production in the past with a star studded cast of collaborators joining him.

The overall feeling we got after soaking up the album is that some of the music, especially with the collaborators, is going to capture the attention of a wider audience and some of the music is designed to really tap into his core fan base who are dedicated to a love for dark techno. It feels like a lot of time has gone into the curation and order of the songs so it really represents something that has the potential to become more timeless and be appreciated most when listened to from start to finish.

The good news is you can listen the 10-track album RIGHT NOW which is brimming full of brooding electronic goodness as well as other features including Haim, The Hacker, Electric Youth and more.

It couldn’t have come sooner for his fans in Australia and around the world.

Gesaffelstein – ‘Hyperion’ Tracklisting

  1. Hyperion
  2. Reset
  3. Lost In Fire ft. The Weeknd
  4. Enter Now
  5. Blast Off ft. Pharrell Williams
  6. So Bad ft. Haim
  7. Forever ft. The Hacker and Bronwyn Griffin
  8. Vortex
  9. Memora
  10. Humanity Gone

‘Hyperion’ by Gesaffelstein is out now on Sony Australia, stream above or snap up the album here.


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