5 unforgettable Kings Cross moments

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5 unforgettable Kings Cross moments

Sydney’s Kings Cross is a place filled with nostalgia for a lot of us. A strip that used to be a nightlife hub, filled to the brim with zany characters and zanier stories on a personal level. Beyond that it’s had more than its fair share of historic moments that have been iconic in shaping Sydney’s nightlife.

We found 5 of the most iconic moments of the Cross and its nightlife, so you can remember with nostalgia all the good times as well as the bad.

1. John Ibrahim’s message about not being a dickhead

What a video, what a scene, what an alleged hypocritical message. This video holds a pretty good message, but when it’s told to you by a bloke that police allege is a major player in organised crime it’s hard to take it too seriously. When this video surfaced, it was in an attempt to stop knee jerk reactions that have lead to the demise of the infamous Cross, and who better to get you onboard than the supposed lifeblood of the Cross himself.

2. Young teens steal car and get shot at by police 

This is an absolutely tragic story. After a 14 year old driver and his friends took a car through the busy Kings Cross strip at 4am, they were shot at by police. It was terribly lucky no onlookers were shot and that the drivers of the car ended up being okay. It did however bring into question how police handle situations with minors, after footage emerged of one of the youngsters getting clocked in the face when he was already on the ground. Worth noting is that in the video below, the reporters mention that it was 4am and as such The Cross would’ve been super busy, not something we’d see these days!

3. The coward punch that shut down Sydney’s nightlife

On one fateful night in Kings Cross a young man was hit in the back of the head as part of an unprovoked cowardly attack. What followed was essentially instant legislation shutting down the operating hours of bars and clubs, along with a bunch of restrictions that would shape Sydney’s nightlife in a way we never thought possible. ABC then took us for a stroll on your average night in Kings Cross showing us the ins and outs.

4. Sydney protests against violent bouncers after the death of Wilson Duque Castillo

After getting into an altercation with the bouncers outside of popular Kings Cross nightclub Trademark, Wilson Duque Castillo was fatally hit and that sent Sydney-siders into an uproar. This lead to huge protests through Darlinghurst and outside of the club as residents and community members fought against a supposed violence issue in The Cross.

5. Chk Chk Boom Girl

It’s almost embarrassing that this is possibly the most memorable Kings Cross moment of all time. After a shooting, news teams spoke to a supposed witness who gave what was possibly the best recollection of a shooting of all time. “Then the fat wog said to the skinny wog…” Not much to say in regards to the video except that it was hilarious. On top of that it almost definitely reminded Aussie news companies to be a little more selective when it came to witnesses and talent.


These are our picks for some of the most memorable moments of Kings Cross’ modern life, is there anything you’d add?

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