The number of closed venues since the lockout laws will piss you right off

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The number of closed venues since the lockout laws will piss you right off

We all know the lockout laws have had the strangle hold on Sydney nightlife for a long time now, to the point where some of us might even be desensitised to it. But when you are actually faced with the stats, it really sets in how messed up this city has become in only a number of years.

In a recent article written by Andrew Taylor of the Sydney Morning Herald, the staggering number of Sydney venues that have closed down since the implementation of the lockout laws was shared and it’s truly devastating.

According to Labor member John Graham, Sydney has had a net loss of 176 venues since the lockout laws were brought in. Let that sink in. 176 venues have closed down in under 5-years. That is f*cked up.

Once popular venues such as The Backroom, SOHO, Hugo’s Lounge and The Goldfish Bar are among some of the nearly 200 nightspots that have fallen victim to the lockouts, and despite the recent lift on the liquor license freeze in Kings Cross and the CBD, it doesn’t look like the city really cares.

Graham told SMH that only 5 of the 25 recommendations from the nighttime economy taskforce have been completed, despite the fact they should have all been completed by now. He added that “we also know the timing on the contemporary music plan (‘second half of 2018) and the night time economy master plan (end of 2018) – both should have been delivered last year.”

As well as this, the comparison of funding towards contemporary music for New South Wales ($1-million) to Victoria’s $22-million music package over 4-years really highlights the attitude our government has towards nightlife. It’s simply not good enough.

For the full story, read Sydney Morning Herald’s article right here.

(Source: SMH)


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