The World Bar venue has been saved!

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The World Bar venue has been saved!

Finally some good news for Sydney’s nightlife with Kings Cross institution The World Bar not entirely calling final drinks. In fact there’s a twist in the tale with the long standing institution being re-opened as ‘Cali Club’ this Wednesday the 12th of December.

Hospitality duo Dane Gorrel and Matt Weir who recently took over and run Club 77 will spend the coming months getting a feel for the venue and area, before refreshing the space and putting their stamp on it.

The two passionate publicans take a stand by quoting;

“We need to preserve our nightclub institutions. They have a tremendous impact on Sydney’s culture, and once they go, it’s incredibly hard for them to return”, says Gorrel. “We really want to help keep the candle burning for our city’s night life and continue the venue’s legacy”.

The first night of re-opening as Cali Club will re-introduce longstanding successful club night ‘The Wall’ back into the fray.

It felt like we were on our final legs with an endless list of clubs closing but it’s nice to see some hope re-appear in Sydney’s most well known nightlife district!


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