Kings Cross DJ and Identity Weighs in on Sweeping NSW Alcohol Laws

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Kings Cross DJ and Identity Weighs in on Sweeping NSW Alcohol Laws

With news of sweeping alcohol laws across NSW by premier Barry O’Farrel that looks to curb drunk fuelled violence following the deaths of young punters by way of the ‘coward punch’ that involves 1:30am lock outs, no service of alcohol post 3am and also includes the closures of bottle shops by 10pm has come a response from Kings Cross DJ, promoter and identity Sasha Skalrud.

His response looks at the reality of what the current situation is and how these rules will affect Sydneys vibrant nightlife which all mainly points to the decline of clubs and importance of a hub such as Kings Cross.

I know a lot of people are writing about the deaths in Kings cross and our governments fight on “alcohol fueled violence”, but since i’ve worked in Kings Cross, in nightclubs, for 6 years, I thought i’d throw my 2 cents in…

I’ve never seen the kind of behaviour I now see on a weekly basis a few years ago.. It’s cowardly, pathetic and down right idiotic.. But I think the real problem goes deeper than just alcohol.
Both Thomas Kelly and Daniel Christie were hit at approximately the same time, between 9-10pm.. Thomas Kelly’s attacker was even rejected from the venues he tried to enter.

So let’s start with the obvious…

If we had a 3am close for all venues in Kings Cross, these attacks would’ve still occurred. More importantly, if we have a 3am close, you’re pushing every punter simultaneously out of the nightclubs into the same area. Instead of leaving sporadically, you’re going to have a cluster fuck of people fighting for cabs, walking the streets aimlessly and surely more violence is to ensue.

When people ask me, don’t you think it’s dangerous in Kings Cross? I reply, it’s dangerous everywhere… But i’d rather be in Kings Cross where there are 10’s of thousands of people walking around, 100’s of policemen and security guards so there’s really less of a chance of anything happening.

These brainless half-wits are more likely to be caught and less likely to actually do anything with so many people around and such a heavy police/security presence. You think if you close the venues at 3am, throw in some harsher liquor licensing laws that violence will suddenly stop? These idiots will just go to their local or go to another party district and do the exact same thing…


Here’s what’ll happen if you shut down Kings Cross… Illegal parties will start happening by the handful. Underage kids will attend these parties because who’s going to stop them? Will these parties have RSA Marshalls and bar staff who’ll be able to stop them drinking once they get intoxicated? No… Drugs will be more available because people are less likely to risk bringing/selling in Kings Cross due to the police and drug dogs that they often bring with them. Who’s going to stop the fights that break out at these illegal raves, house/warehouse parties? No one as there won’t be any security guards. “Alcohol fueled violence” will increase, underage kids will get hurt and police will have much more work on their hands… The only difference? It won’t be in a specific area in which it’d be EASIER to manage… Are you going to work on shutting down the next area that becomes popular?

The answer? More police on the streets in Kings Cross, harsher penalties for trying to attack someone. If you want to punch someone unprovoked you’re simply a waste of space on this earth and should be treated as such. Public transport (as i’m writing all this i continually want to use profanities to express how sub-intelligent some of our decision makers are…) If we had trains, buses and more taxis in the area + if they didn’t stop at such a ridiculously early time, that would be a major help.

I feel so strongly about this because if they decide to put these new laws in, my business suffers. Why do the nightclub owners, licensees, promoters, 7/11’s, local eateries have to suffer because of a VERY MINUTE few…?

Are you going to send me broke because you’re unable to do your job and contain the area?

They’re only doing this so in the media they can be seen as if they’re doing something, but they’re not, they’re putting in some ridiculous quick fix solutions in there which have no longevity and really have no effect besides hurting the honest business owners trying to make a living.

Sorry for the ridiculously lengthy write up, i’ve needed to get this out… I’m sure i’ve made some mistakes in there as i’ve written it with a hot head and without re-reading.

What do you think is the solution?


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